Rugged, Reliable Construction

Rotomation is dedicated to providing value-added solutions for our customers and we thrive with their success. We are a customer-focused operation, always accessible for our distributors and end users.

Maximum Reliability

Rotomation actuators are designed for high cycle rates and long life expectancy. We stand behind our products with a basic 2-year limited warranty. Our actuators typically run for tens of millions of cycles, and include:

  • Pinion shafts made in one piece of quenched and tempered 4150 steel for extreme impact resistance, accuracy, and long life.
  • Floating pistons and racks for maximum reliability and fault tolerance.
  • Replaceable sintered bronze rack bearings for long life and repairability.
  • Oversized ball bearings handle heavy loads and allow for substantial hollow shafts and specials.

Typical Actuator Construction & Features

The fully machined body with oversized bearings and rugged shafts makes it possible to use the actuator as the bearing for your load, reducing parts count, design effort, and space requirement. We stock blank pinion shafts of full bearing bore diameter and extra length so we can make special shafts without delay to optimize your design.

Rotomation actuators stand up to millions of operations under heavy load, and are fully rebuildable. We offer a rebuild service with quick turnaround, or you can order the parts and do it yourself.

We often hear from our customers who have a Rotomation actuator which has been in service for ten, twenty, or thirty years and is starting to show its age. They are sometimes surprised to hear that we support nearly all of our old products, and that our current models will drop in place of the old ones, despite improvements made to every component for even longer life. Each unit is serialized and we maintain records of every actuator indefinitely.

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