Special Actuators

Rotomation welcomes requests for special actuators because we understand how they can save our customers money by reducing cost of extra parts or engineering time and/or improving their product or process. About 40% of the actuators we produce have some non-standard feature that improves our actuator's ability to adapt to the load and/or working conditions in order to better fit our customer's application.

For more specialized applications or actuators that do not conform to the same principles of our standard product line, our expert team of design engineers will work with you to establish specifications tailored to meet your specific requirements, then they will design, develop and test a new product from the ground up if required. Whether you need one unit or thousands, we will produce what you need quickly and at a reasonable price.

We assign a special code in the part number of every special actuator that points to a unique bill of material that contains all the specifications and modifications necessary to reproduce a specific special actuator to simplify reordering. Upon request, we can also declare a special actuator to be proprietary to the OEM or distributor who ordered it originally to protect their investment.

Custom-made Actuators

If your application requires an actuator completely different from the products we offer, in form and/or function, we have a solution for your application. Below is an example of a custom-made rotating gripper.

Rotary Gripper Unit


Customized Actuators

If your application requires a simple modification to one or more parts on one of our standard units or you need us to make one of our standard actuators in some other material due to special environmental requirements, we'll be glad to help you. See a few examples of recent customizations made for some of our customers below.

Custom-made A752 compared to a standard unit

Customized extra compact rotary actuator, based on our standard A752


A032-X010 thru-shaft air feed with rear manifold

Special A032 rotary actuator with thru-shaft air feed and rear air manifold
(mouse over to compare to standard unit)


Stainless A42 full

 Special stainless steel A42 rotary actuator


Special X12 indexing actuator with integrated mount flange, 8mm diameter plated shaft, and
pharmaceutical-grade PTFE shaft seal for clean room manufacturing environment

Special X3 indexing actuator with gripper adapter and integrated dual channel
air manifold, recessed end caps and custom shaft mounting adapter


Actuator Auto Run setup
Special setup for auto-run functionality - click on image for more information.