Design Solutions

   Our standard rotary actuators have billions of possible configurations,

but if you need a customized or custom-designed actuator

beyond the standard configurations,

our engineers can help you determine the best solution for your application.



Why Choose Rotomation?

 Delivering engineered solutions since 1967, Rotomation is dedicated to providing reliable, extremely configurable, and fully rebuildable pneumatic actuators for automation. Custom and special actuators are our specialty.


Rotary Actuators Configured for Your Application

At Rotomation, we manufacture high-speed, heavy-duty pneumatic, and low-pressure hydraulic rotary actuators with various shaft motions. Our design and engineering team will get you the product that fits your requirements.

Choose rotation options from a bidirectional rotation between two, three, four, or five positions, and unidirectional rotation in steps. Each rotary motion can be combined with linear motion in a single, independently-controlled actuator.  

Our actuators are used in applications for metalworking, assembly, testing, and packaging machinery for automotive, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Their customization and configurability mean you can specify an actuator that will optimize the design of your machines.



  Actuator Motion Options

Choose your motion then configure the unit to suit your needs exactly.

rotary actuator motion symbol


Bidirectional rotation between two positions, like a windshield wiper. Our mini, or compact, rotary actuators are designed for applications where space is of the essence and torque is as important.


multi-position actuator motion symbol


Multi-position actuators provide back and forth rotation between three, four, or five positions in any sequence. The 3 position is the most common, but 4 or 5 position units give additional flexibility

indexer motion symbol


Indexing actuators provide unidirectional rotation in fixed precise steps to hard stops. They prevent backward rotation and feature no accumulating error. Single or dual rack indexers available.

stepper actuator motion symbol


Stepping actuators provide unidirectional rotation in steps, like indexing actuators, but without the hard stops. These actuators also prevent backward rotation but incur an accumulating error.

pick and place motion symbol


Pick & place actuators combine a rotary section with a linear cylinder to provide independently-controlled linear and rotary motion. As multi-motion actuators, they can also provide stepping motion.

nitpicker actuator motion symbol


Nitpicker actuators provide independently-controlled combined indexing (unidirectional rotation in fixed steps to hard stops) rotation with linear motion. No backward rotation or accumulating error.

Unique Products

Like a rotary actuator but with unidirectional rotation

No actuators like these elsewhere.

Patented designs & unmatched performance - it's what sets us apart.

Unmatched Service

A4 rotary actuator cutaway shown

Design/CAD through installation.

Need help sizing a rotary actuator for your application or with your order?

Customized Designs

Custom actuators like our A42 full stainless steel rotary actuator

We design actuators that fit your needs.

Customize one or chose one of billions of standard configurations.

Indexer Applications

Indexing actuators like our X2 indexing actuator

Repetitive motion rotary indexing.

See how cam drives, servo based, and pneumatic indexing drives compare.