Every Day is Earth Day at Rotomation  

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Rotomation firmly believes in environmental responsibility.  By practicing corporate sustainability, we create business value by incorporating green values into our operations.  We look to bring about positive changes for the environment, from our internal operations to our customers and business partners.

Our ongoing practices:

  • Work with eco-friendly suppliers as much as possible
  • Practice thorough recycling programs within the company
  • Reduce paper trails by sending documents electronically
  • Build partnerships with other eco-friendly companies and organizations

Our initiatives:

  • Solar power – our 35 Kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic Array provides over half of our energy needs
  • Reuse and Recycle – we:
    • reuse packaging materials as much as possible
    • recycle all scrap metal and materials, paper, and unusable packaging
    • recycle computer equipment in partnership with a local technology company
    • recycle all paper and plastic cafeteria goods
    • recycle shop fluids with one of the founding partners of NASCAR Green
  • Drinking Water – we use filtered water, replacing water bottles
  • Paperless – we:
    • handle all billing and payables electronically whenever possible
    • reduced subscriptions to printed materials
    • no longer use faxing
  • Grounds – our property area contains native vegetation as it was before clearing; we do no watering, fertilizing, weed control, or use pesticides, ensuring clean runoff

Photo of the grounds at the Rotomation company factory showing beautiful natural Florida vegetation and greenery

We are continually looking for ways to practice environmental sustainability.  Let us know of initiatives you have taken to protect our planet!


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