A032 3-Position Compact Rotary Actuator

A032 3P Multi Position
A032 3-Position Compact Rotary Actuator


The A032 3-position actuator has an auxiliary body that houses two pistons with limit rods that provide a positive stop at the actuator's middle position with near-zero lash. Depending on the combination of pressurized and exhausted ports, the actuator can reach any of its 3 positions from any other position in any desired sequence. Like its two-position counterpart, the A032, it fits in the palm of your hand.


  • 3-Position Compact Rotary Actuator
  • Bore Size = 5/8"
  • Standard Rotations = 45-0-45, 50-0-50, 90-0-90, 95-0-95 degrees
  • Shaft sizes = Standard: .375" dia. & R .375" dia., Options: D .375" dia., .250" dia., R .250" dia., 8mm, & D 8mm 
  • Torque at 80 psi = Toward End Positions: 9 in-lbs., Toward Center Position: 4.5 in-lbs.
  • Ball Bearing Ratings - Radial: 305 lbs., Axial: 76 lbs.
  • Port Size = 10-32 
  • Available Options:
    • Adjustable Rotation 
    • Mount Plates
    • Magnetic Switches Installed & Tested Prior To Shipping
    • Bumpers
    • Fluorocarbon Seals

See the A032 3-Position Compact Rotary Actuator Part Number page for detailed configuration and option information.

For higher torque and larger rotation angles, consider our A12 3-Position Compact Rotary Actuator.

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  • Three independently-controlled positions
  • Compact, rugged, flexible design
  • Your choice of 3/8”, 1/4”, or 8mm diameter shaft
  • Optional magnetic sensors for position feedback
  • Optional rotation adjusters and/or bumpers for end positions
  • Fully customizable (i.e. thru-shaft air feed)

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