A4 Rotary Actuator

a4 rotary actuator
A4 Tie Rod Pneumatic Rotary Actuator


The A4 incorporates all the design features that have made our 1 to 2-inch bore actuator line the standard in the industry for reliability and configurability. Floating pistons and a precision ground rack riding in replaceable sintered bronze bearings provide enhanced durability. The one piece, heat treated alloy steel pinion shaft is supported by large sealed ball bearings and it can be customized to suit your load. 


  • Bore Size = 2"
  • Standard Rotations = 15 Angles from 30 to 730 degrees
  • Shaft Sizes = Standard: .1.000" dia. or 1.125" dia., Options: D 1.000", dia., D 1.125" dia., & HS .750" I.D.
  • Torque at 80 psi = 277 in-lbs.
  • Ball Bearing Ratings = Radial: 2,020 lbs., Axial: 500 lbs.
  • Port Size = 1/4 NPT
  • Available Options:
    • Adjustable Rotation
    • Cushions
    • Double Ended Shafts
    • Flow Controls
    • Heavy Duty (Aluminum Cylinders, Option A or Steel Cylinders, Option K)
    • Hollow Shaft
    • Washdown Protection
    • Mount Plates
    • Magnetic Switches Installed & Tested Prior To Shipping
    • Bumpers
    • Hydraulic Service Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Hydraulic Service Seals

See the A4 Rotary Actuator Part Number page for detailed configuration and option information.

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  • Very durable with floating pistons and bearing-supported rack
  • Shaft 1" or 1-1/8" diameter keyed or special size up to 35mm
  • Various shaft types and rotation angles up to 730°
  • Optional hydraulic service or heavy duty construction
  • Optional washdown protection
  • Optional magnetic sensors with leads or M8 connectors
  • Optional rotation adjusters, bumpers, flow controls, cushions

Use our online configurator for the A4 actuator.

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