A1 Rotary Actuator

A1 rotary actuator
A1 Tie Rod Pneumatic Rotary Actuator


The A1 rotary actuator can be specified in nearly two billion standard configurations that can be assembled to order and typically ship within a few days. It shares many of the same construction features and options with its bigger counterparts. The A1 has been tested to 20 million maintenance-free duty cycles.


  • 2-Position Rotary Actuator
  • Bore Size = 5/8"
  • Standard Rotations = 15 Angles from 30 to 730 degrees
  • Shaft Sizes = Standard: .375" dia., Options: .250" dia., D .375" dia., & HS .375" I.D.
  • Torque at 80 psi = 12 in-lbs.
  • Ball Bearing Ratings = Radial: 305 lbs., Axial: 76 lbs.
  • Port Size = 10-32 or 1/8 NPT
  • Available Options:
    • Adjustable Rotation
    • Cushions
    • Double Ended Shafts
    • Flow Controls
    • Hollow Shaft
    • Mount Plates
    • Magnetic Switches Installed & Tested Prior To Shipping
    • Bumpers
    • Hydraulic Service Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Hydraulic Service Seals

See the A1 Rotary Actuator Part Number page for detailed configuration and option information.

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  • Billions of possible configurations at your fingertips
  • Light, long-lasting aluminum cylinders
  • Various rotation angles to choose from, up to 730° or special
  • Various port positions and sizes (10-32 UNF or 1/8 NPT)
  • Select between 1/4" or 3/8" diameter solid shaft, or 3/8" I.D. hollow
  • Optional magnetic switches in various configurations
  • Optional rotation adjusters, bumpers, flow controls, cushions

Potential Applications

  • Evaporator Shutter
  • Conveyor Diverter
  • Animatronics

Use our online configurator for the A1 actuator.

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