Repairs & Returns

We are dedicated to the success of our customers and their satisfaction is our focus. If you ever have to return a product to us for repair or refund, we will resolve your return as promptly and efficiently as possible to minimize any potential impact on your operations.


If you decide you have a unit that you need reconfigured, please contact us for instructions on either returning it to us for a rebuild, or step-by-step instructions to change a configuration in your own shop.


All of our products are fully rebuildable, even if the warranty expired years ago, provided the main body hasn’t suffered catastrophic damage, at which point we recommend purchasing a new replacement actuator instead. Whether your actuator requires a simple repair or a complete rebuild, our repair services will cost a fraction of the price of a new unit, for equivalent performance and durability. Even though our repairs do not extend the actuator’s original warranty period, we honor some of the core aspects of our product warranty after we repair it.

Call 386-676-6377 or to begin the process.  We will need the serial number, current condition, description of issues or problem symptoms and any corrective actions taken to troubleshoot the actuator. We also collect information about the application being used.

If we determine that the repair conforms to our product warranty terms and the unit is within its warranty period, no purchase order will be required from our distributor for full evaluation. Otherwise, our distributor will issue an evaluation PO. Cost will depend on the type of actuator.  Requests for expedited service should be noted in the evaluation PO for an additional fee.

If we determine the actuator is experiencing a problem that is covered by our product warranty, we will promptly repair and return the unit at no charge (evaluation charge will be waived). Otherwise, the unit will be evaluated within the period of time agreed upon and a repair quote will be supplied to our distributor, who will then contact you, the customer. The estimated repair cost will include evaluation and repair fees, cost for seals and any other parts required to restore the unit to its new functional condition, and any expedite fee, if requested. Cosmetic damage will not be repaired and will not be included in our repair estimate.

If you decline the repair, the evaluation charge will be applied. Upon request, the unit will be returned, disassembled, at owner’s expense.


If you decide you simply need to return a fully-functioning product, for whatever reason, we may need to charge a restocking fee, depending on the part or unit.

Steps to Follow

  1. Call 386-676-6377 or   to discuss your current situation, any potential issues you may be experiencing with the actuator, and any requests you may have.
  2. Contact our distributor serving your area to establish an account with them, and have them send us a purchase order if the unit requires an evaluation outside of its warranty period. Ask the distributor to include an expedite fee if needed.  Your distributor will obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number from Rotomation. All returns, regardless of nature, require a factory-issued RMA number in order to be accepted.
  3. Pack your actuator in a suitable box with the necessary padding to prevent damage in transit (bubble wrap, secure wrapping, and solid padding). Do not send any other parts or materials not part of the Rotomation product.  Rotomation is not responsible for items sent in addition to our product materials.  Make sure to include the RMA number on the exterior of the box, preferably on the shipping label. Include any additional information you may have in the box or the packing list sleeve.
  4. Ship the actuator to the address below:

Attn: RMA #[RMA number]*
Rotomation, Inc.
11 Sunshine Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

*Include RMA number obtained in step 2 above. You may also include the name of the Rotomation staff member that discussed the return with you.