Four & Five Position Rotary Actuators

Four and Five-Position Actuators.
4 & 5 Position Rotary Actuators


With internal stops and one or two sets of auxiliary cylinders used for the two or three intermediate positions, respectively, our four and five-position actuators are built to resemble their two-position counterparts, except for the external auxiliary cylinders that add to the overall length of the unit.

Available in all our main actuator sizes, with the same lead time our regular rotary actuators, these actuators offer extreme configurability and reliable, repeatable positioning at a cost much lower than a servo motor system but their positions are not programmable. Like our three-position actuators, the output torque on these units is that of a single rack unit but they can rotate to any of its 4 or 5 positions in any sequence from any existing position by simply activating the proper directional control valve configuration.