X32 Indexing Actuator

X32 indexing actuator
X32 Dual Rack Indexing Actuator


This unique device indexes with high accuracy and no accumulating error. Floating pistons and a precision ground rack riding in replaceable sintered bronze bearings assure millions of reliable duty cycles. It is ideal for use in medium index tables, conveyors, or to consistently position parts evenly for multiple simultaneous operations.


  • Bore Size = 1 3/8"
  • Standard Rotations = From 12 (30 steps/rev.) to 360 (1 step/rev.)
  • Shaft Sizes = Standard: .750" dia., Options: D .750" dia.
  • Torque at 60 max psi = 179 in-lbs.
  • Ball Bearing Ratings = Radial: 1,030 lbs., Axial: 257 lbs.
  • Port Size = 1/4 NPT
  • Available Options:
    • Cushions
    • Flow Controls
    • Heavy Duty (Aluminum Cylinders, Option A or Steel Cylinders, Option K)
    • Washdown Protection
    • Mount Plates
    • Magnetic Switches Installed & Tested Prior To Shipping
    • Bumpers
    • Hydraulic Service Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Hydraulic Service Seals

 See the X3 Indexing Actuator Part Number page for detailed configuration and option information.

For increased torque, consider the X4 Indexing Actuator.

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  • Simple operation, requires only a four-way valve
  • Available with 1 to 301 uniform steps or special combination of steps
  • Keyed 3/4" diameter solid precision ground shaft
  • Optional seamlessly integrated washdown protection
  • Optional magnetic switches to indicate indexer state
  • Optional bumper (on reset only), flow controls, cushions2
  • Working pressure limited to 60 psi maximum

1Twelve degree (30 steps) unit recommended for relatively light loads only.

2Cushion on drive requires shaft/load to have some drag to properly affect load. Cushion on reset will NOT affect load.

 Use our online configurator for the X32 indexer.

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