Auto-Run Setup & Operation

Pneumatic signal ports can be used to drive pilot-operated valves or other control elements for auto-cycle or other functions. This operation is excellent for applications requiring very simple automation or if the actuator is to operate in hazardous areas such as explosive environments, where intrinsically-safe components are required.

Signal ports are additional components that are mounted onto an actuator's cylinders and are available as a special option for any Rotomation tie rod actuator, including rotary, indexing, stepping, pick-and-place, or nitpicker actuators.  Make sure to specify this during the actuator configuration.

Please note that you may need additional plumbing components to setup auto-run operation and the 4-way valves need to be pilot-operated. See our information and setup sheet. 

An X4 indexing actuator setup for auto-run operation (note the additional plumbing required):

X4 Auto-Run plumbing example