A752 Compact Rotary Actuator

a752 rotary actuator
A752 Compact Rotary Actuator


The A752 is designed to produce substantial amounts of torque in a small package. Its dual rack construction also eliminates gear lash at the ends of the stroke for precise positioning of parts. Its standard ball bearings, roller burnished cylinder bores and one-piece heat treated alloy steel pinion shaft contribute to its unparalleled resilience and long life.

  • Bore = 3/4"
  • Standard Rotations = 30, 45, 60, 90, 100, 120, 180, 190 degrees
  • Shaft sizes = Standard: .375" dia., Options: HS .375" I.D. & D .375" dia. 
  • Torque at 80 psi = 35 in-lbs.
  • Ball Bearing Ratings - Radial: 305 lbs., Axial: 76 lbs.
  • Port Size = 10-32 or 1/8 NPT
  • Available Options:
    • Adjustable Rotation
    • Cushions
    • Hollow Shaft 
    • Magnetic Switches Installed & Tested Prior To Shipping
    • Bumpers
    • Hydraulic Service Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Fluorocarbon Hydraulic Service Seals

See the A752 Compact Rotary Actuator Part Number page for detailed configuration and option information.

If you need larger rotation angles and space isn't a limitation, you may want to consider the A2 Rotary Actuator.

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  • Compact construction, packed with torque
  • No backlash at end positions
  • Eight standard rotation angles or any special angle up to 190 degrees
  • Port size 10.32 UNF or 1/8 NPT in your location choice
  • Optional magnetic switches for position sensing
  • Optional rotation adjusters, bumpers, and/or cushions

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