What Services Can You Expect?

Rotomation is dedicated to your success, so we provide the best customer service we can. When you do business with Rotomation, you get specialized engineering services, personalized customer service and targeted technical support. Whether you need a quote, help with an actuator, or a return material authorization (RMA) number, we will address your inquiry immediately if you call during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 am-5:30 pm ET). If you call outside business hours, we will call you immediately upon returning.

Basic Services

Your needs go beyond purchasing an actuator, so we provide services to prospective and current customers at no additional charge. Some of our basic complimentary services are:

Actuator selection and sizing assistance

If you need help in determing which type of actuator to use for your application, or the appropriate size to handle your load properly, we can help make sure the actuator you buy is the one you need.

Actuator cross-referencing

We help you choose a suitable Rotomation actuator to replace a competitor's unit and can match critical characteristics to save you time and money.

Price listing

You can get current list prices on any specific configuration on either standard or special actuators.

Integration and installation assistance

We provide you with the information you need to integrate, install and operate our products, or to adapt them to your load or operating conditions, or will suggest alternatives.

Order tracking

You can get your order status at any stage.

Distributor relations

Our distributors were carefully selected due to their capabilities, track record and high standards. If you ever have any questions about any of our distributors, please contact us.

Troubleshooting guidance

 We will help you with any issues using our actuators with your application, guide you through critical initial steps to determine the root cause, and provide you with specific suggestions to prevent future reoccurrence. We will stand by your side until your actuator issues are fully resolved, and you're back in business.

Lead times

We estimate lead times at the quoting stage, but will calculate an actual time for a specific actuator configuration upon request.  You will get an actual ship date upon our receipt of your order.  We stock most of the parts used for our standard actuators. So we can build actuators to order promptly, and also ship replacement parts and seal repair kits (SRK) the next day if necessary. 

Special actuator Design

We will help you determine any modifications and additional parts required in order to make our actuator fit your application. If a simple modification won't do, we will help you establish specifications and requirements to develop a unique special actuator for your application.

Testing Services

We test 100% of the actuators we sell before shipment to ensure conformance to published ratings and specifications. If you need us to perform additional testing of any nature, we will be glad to set up special testing for your actuator. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, performance, life cycle, and leak tests.

CAD files

If you can't find the CAD files you need in our online configurators, we will create and send them to you.

Supporting documents

If you need further documentation, we will send you any you need to install, operate, or troubleshoot our actuators.