Protection Options

Washdown Protection

Our washdown protection option for actuators can be used in applications where water ingress protection, corrosion resistance, and leak contamination prevention are paramount. Rotomation also offers fluoroelastomer (FKM) seals for washing down with high-temperature caustic cleaning solutions.  Shaft seals are built into the body or integral cover plates, cylinders are sealed by O-rings, and assembly threads are sealed.  We use stainless shafts with anodized body and end caps. Also available are hard chrome-plated shafts and electroless nickel-plated body and end caps. See diagram.

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Stainless Steel

 We also provide stainless steel actuators with special PTFE and/or fluoroelastomer seals to prevent the entry of corrosive materials and preserve piston seals and vital lubrication.

Stainless A42 rotary actuator

Special stainless steel A42 rotary actuator. Mouse over the image to see the standard actuator with aluminum parts.

 AL75 actuator in stainless steel

The very compact AL 75, with its inherent soft start and stop.

 Stainless Steel PA2

A long-stroke PA2.

Note the easily cleaned, uniform finish. The reliability and durability of these units largely eliminate the remove-and-replace production interruptions needed for units with less chemical resistance. We can produce just about any of our actuators in a suitable stainless alloy upon request. When nothing else will hold up, your customers will save money going with stainless steel.


Solutions That Fit Your Specific Needs

Rotomation offers extreme flexibility in options for you to configure your actuator to suit your needs exactly, rather than compromising your design to accommodate a one-size-fits-all actuator. Many times a simple modification to the shaft size, projection, or machined features such as keyways, flats, thru holes, etc., can improve your product and reduce cost. Or, you might need the actuator's main body and end caps to be made of an alternative material like stainless steel or plastic, instead of the standard anodized aluminum alloy. A custom mounting hole pattern might make our actuator drop into your current setup. Rotomation understands your needs and is dedicated to providing solutions that allow you to optimize your design.